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The idea behind this community is that you'll be able to choose a prompt of a movie as inspiration for your story/fanart. You can stick to the movie’s plot, or extrapolate from it to use it as base for your own flights of fancy.

Example: Charles Xavier, a complex young man, meets a gentleman who he is sure that he despises. However, after numerous battles of wits and wills, he finds his entire world upside down, as the enigmatic Mr. Lensherr seems more and more appealing to him. (Based on Pride and Prejudice)

Example: Photographer Logan Howlett wanders into the life of housewife Jean Grey, for four days in the 1960s. (Based on The Bridges of Madison County)


The sign-up post is located here.

Sign-ups: until July 8
Check-in: August 7
Completion of art/fic: September 14

If you have any questions please email reelxmen.mods@gmail.com or drop us a comment here.

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